Traffic mirrors

Traffic mirrors offer greater safety when vision is restricted. In built-up areas, beside opposite driveways and at intersections. They improve vision and thus the safety of all road users.

Since an outdoor environment naturally makes special demands, the mirrors are made of plastic material which guarantees a long life under particularly difficult weather conditions.

The mirrors are made of two different materials. You can choose between impact-resistant acrylic (AC) or virtually unbreakable polyester (PET). The frame is made of a reflecting CLASS 2 material to emphasize that the mirror is a traffic aid.

The mirror can be delivered with an electrical heater to prevent moisture and ice formation.

Brackets supplied

Ø 600 mm
Ø 800 mm
400 x 600 mm
600 x 800 mm
800 x 1000 mm

The mirrors are supplied with a zinc-plated bracket for mounting on a standard 50 – 76 mm post or on a wall.